Top 6 Best Smartphones Buy Under 10000 in 2019

6 Motorola One Macro
In 2019, Motorola is fiercely fighting its corner in the budget smartphone bout to decide the next crowning champion. It hasn’t been forced to the ropes yet, however it needs energy and a good game plan to succeed. As such, the veteran manufacturer has released a flurry of new smartphones this year, each aimed at a different niche. Some of these have been expertly targeted, such as the Moto G7 Power (with a focus on battery life), while others have been a little more left-field and esoteric. It is in this latter category that the Motorola One Macro sits, its entire appeal arguably resting in its particular, peculiar photographic capabilities. But with many capable rivals, each of which arguably has a broader general appeal, is the potential of this device’s eccentricities enough to make it worthy of your attention?

6.2-inch 720 x 1520 screen Fairly bright and good quality White balance isn't perfect The Motorola One Macro comes sporting a 6.2-inch panel with a resolution of 720 x 1520 - and all encumbered by only a very minute notch. The company makes a great deal of the screen stretching from corner to corner, and indeed this is true, at least for the top corners. There's a sizeable bezel at the bottom, but in day-to-day use, the One Macro certainly looks and feels like a modern handset. The resolution isn’t the highest you might expect, even for the price, but this aside, the screen is anything other than bad - it has been said for years but a screen is more than the pixels packed into it. Those staring hard from an inch away will be able to see issues with poorly rendered text, but in most situations, the vast majority of users will be able to see no difference between this and something more expensive. That said, there are a few issues with the white balance. As is common with cheap LCD panels these veer towards the blue end of the spectrum. There isn’t any way to change this white point, but again it isn’t an issue in any normal situation one might encounter.

5 Infinix S5 

The Infinix S5 is one of the few phones at this price with a hole-punch display, which helps it stand out. The display is a large 6.6-inch IPS LCD panel with a 20:9 aspect ratio but the resolution is only HD+. At regular viewing distance, icons and text look pleasing enough, but videos aren't very sharp. The panel itself is quite bright and colours have good saturation, but the lack of an ambient light sensor is very disappointing. This means we had to manually adjust the brightness depending on where and when we were using this phone, which is not something anyone should need to do in 2019.

 The camera hole itself isn't too distracting, and the display has relatively slim bezels all around except for the chin at the bottom. At the back, the Infinix S5 features a primary 16-megapixel camera with an f/1.8 aperture and PDAF. Next, we have a 5-megapixel ultra-wide angle camera, which is also used for ultra-close-up photos. There's a 2-megapixel depth sensor for use in portrait mode, and Infinix says the fourth one is a low-light sensor, but hasn't disclosed its resolution. We're not sure how much of an impact this last sensor has, since blocking it with a finger made no difference to the final output. Even with PDAF, the main camera took a while to lock focus at times, even under good light. HDR processing wasn't the best, and most of the photos we took had uneven exposures in either their dark or light areas. Dynamic range was also weak. Close-ups fared a bit better, with decent edge sharpness and colours. You can switch to Super Macro mode by tapping a toggle in the viewfinder, which switches over to the wide-angle camera. Here, we were able to get even closer to subjects, but details were quite average.

4 Redmi Note 7s

Redmi Note 7s was one of the surprise announcements from Xiaomi. The company announced the phone within a month of the Redmi Note 7 which in itself was great value for money device but got overshadowed by the Redmi Note 7 Pro. This was mainly due to the fact that the Note 7 Pro boasted of a 48MP rear camera setup which delivered spectacular results in our opinion. Everyone wanted the 48MP camera but Xiaomi was unable to meet the demand and till date, the Note 7 Pro 
Some of the other things we didn’t like on the phone include the preloaded bloatware apps, ads in the interface (they can be turned off but it’s still a pain point), low volume output from the in-ear speaker and the fact that it has a Hybrid dual SIM slot and not a dedicated microSD slot. The good things outweigh the bad things by a mile – besides the performance and the camera, you get dual band WiFi ac, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, fast fingerprint scanner and face unlock as well as IR remote control.

In our opinion, the Note 7s is a phone that is easy to recommend for most users at its asking price. Considering that its available easily in online and offline market is an added plus point. However, if you can extend your budget, then for RS 1,000 more you can consider the Redmi Note 7 Pro or the Realme 3 Pro 
3 vivo u10

We start with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC, which is a very recently launched chip. We've so far seen it on a few phones in the sub-Rs. 15,000 segment such as the Xiaomi Mi A3 (Review) and Oppo A5 (2020). It's also the same chip that powers the Realme 5 (Review), a competitor to this phone in the sub-Rs. 10,000 market. This means that performance should be pretty impressive. 
The 6.35-inch screen has an HD+ resolution of 720x1544 pixels, which is expected. Vivo has used an IPS panel. There's dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, GPS, and all the usual sensors including a compass and gyroscope. The battery capacity is 5000mAh, and as mentioned earlier, 18W fast charging is a headlining feature. 
The tray on the left has slots for two Nano-SIMs as well as a microSD card. You have three choices of configurations: 3GB of RAM with 32GB of storage for Rs. 8,990; 3GB of RAM with 64GB of storage for Rs. 9,990, and 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage for Rs. 10,990. That's a lot of options, but at the cost of confusion, we like that you can step up in small increments and buy the best configuration that your budget will allow. 
We're reviewing the top-end variant of this phone. It's impressive that nothing major is missing from the Vivo U10, even though the base price is well below Rs. 10,000. Some models at this level don't feature fingerprint sensors or gyroscopes, for example, but you get all the basics plus extras such as fast charging and three rear cameras.

2 realme 5 
Realme is making new phones by the dozen and we will forgive you if you stopped following somewhere along the way. The Realme 5 series launched last month, but once we were done with the 5 Pro, the XT had already arrived. Well, the Realme 5 is still worthy of the spotlight and today we are making it the guest of honor in this review.
Though a comparatively new entrant in the Indian smartphone market, Realme has become one of the popular smartphone brands in the budget phone category. The company has launched many phones in almost one year. These include devices like Realme 2 and 2 Proand Realme C2 and more. This popularity has been achieved by the company in a short span of time. Realme started as an Oppo sub-brand till it became an independent company in 2018. There has been no turning back since then., Realme 5 comes in two colour options: Crystal Blue and Crystal Purple. We got the Crystal Blue colour variant as review unit. The phone comes with the similar diamond-cut design on the rear side. However, the design has been upgraded in the terms that the pattern is now crystalline. The phone comes with a plastic body which we doubt can stand any accidental fall. The phone is comparatively lighter, but because of its large size, it is difficult to manage the device with one hand.

redmi note 8

Let's have a look at Xiaomi redmi note  in the box you'll find the phone itself some instruction manuals a basic protective case a 10 watt charger with cable and a sim eject tool

 redmi note 8 features a 6.3 inch drop display with front and back Corning Gorilla Glass 5 it's built to prevent daily wear and tear the glossy frame and the rear back cover are designed to be incredibly comfortable in hand 

the fingerprint sensor is located on the middle of the rear panel with its subtle design it blends into the back of the device and gives the impression of a unibody rear panel all without affecting the unlocking speed and accuracy 

other than that redmi note 8 also has TUV Rheinland iComfort certification which helps protect the eyes and provide a comfortable work environment here you'll find four cameras a 48 megapixel ultra high-resolution wide camera an 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera a 2 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth camera the quad camera could basically satisfy all your needs for photography on the front you'll find a 13 megapixel selfie camera on the bottom of the phone you'll find a three-point millimeter headphone jack next to a USB type-c port that supports an 18 watt fast charge for its 4,000 milliamp hour battery note 8 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 aie which offers greater power efficiency and vastly improved AI performance over its predecessor last but not least redmi note 8 offers the auto cleaning speaker it can be effective against dust water and low viscosity liquids 
redmi note 8 48 megapixel quad camera all star

What's up guys 

The Fake Airpods perot are here within a month of release of the original Airpods pro there's already so many clones that have flooded the market and these are apparently one to one perfect in every single way from the originals they took about two years to actually perfect the design these it's astounding how efficient and Chinese market is at getting these outs as soon as possible so we'll take a look at these

 I think these are called these super copies and then there's I five hundreds and from packaging to the actual product to the software these are apparently one-to-one and I'm curious how deep that goes okay so let's take a look at that package you begin with first off the quality is of course worse and here we've got more of a gray look and not as detailed on the image but it is embossed it's a nice little touch we've got the same air pods Pro wireless charging case on the side it is reflective silver also apples packaging by the way the easiest way to tell is you're not gonna have to use a knife or your teeth to get into the packaging of air pods Pro it has a pull tab here does not the sticker is not separated into on the side it's one solid sticker here so the attention to detail is pretty dang good ok so just from the packaging you know unless you're experienced or you've seen this video you're not gonna know so seeing lots of these in news actually getting my hands on it we'll see if the pairing process is just as easy apparently this has the h chip inside of it whether or not it's bluetooth .

it's gonna be hard to tell but ok so here are the air pods so they seem a little light I will do a little weight test they came in sideways like this not proportioned correctly to how you open the box so there's no pull tab to remove the plastic already a big difference just in the opening experience it's on the inside a defect and of course we do have our lightning to USB C cable which is a nice little touch paper tabs as well so the customizable earpieces are completely missing from the packaging one size must fit all here all right and wow I'm impressed that looks really really good and they popped up right away on my 11pro max here so that's amazing that's magic by the way this is on iOS 13 point two point three so it's on the latest version and comparing these side-by-side so the LED it it's not flush it has a little hole in it you can tell that it's not the same quality there but it's a bright green little LED same as apples just not as diffused on the bottom here lightning port very high quality looks good and this was specifically in the listing is that the hinge was mat and oh that's so funny oh no it's not it looks painted on for a seconds

but I'm actually amazed that the tolerances are smaller than apples apples has a gap between the hinge this one does not also the button positioning and the text is a little darker but no one would be able to know unless you have them side-by-side so impressive work on the hinge and it feels very solid like the snap feels good it sounds really good this is apples a little deeper a little snappier I actually prefer the sound of this one it sounds more like the originals huh Wow look at that so on the inside of the casing you'll find serial codes here letting you know that it is a real product and apparently they're from real Airpods Pro but don't you dare try taking these to the Apple store let's check out the actual little bulbs and I want to do a weight test here in a second but compared to these relatively the same way maybe apples feels a little bit heavier so on the bottom here you can tell that the charging contact points are not as beautiful as apples it's taken straight from the first generation air pod so not as beautiful but it'll do the job and there's a grate there for a speaker exhaust

I believe hmm definitely not one-to-one in that regard also there's text here underneath the bulb a portion next to the sensor so that part looks good and here we've got painted on sensor so this actually doesn't do anything it's just painted there's no speaker grate here whatsoever so that is not one-to-one and the actual ear portion does not have that large of a hole so I can definitely assume that the sound quality will not be the same here it does have a force sensor here but from what I understand it probably does not work

I mean that's fancy piece of technology that our highly doubt they'll be able to reproduce that and do these come off oh they do huh and that's what it looks like so it's a very dinky looking exhaust hole this is the difference between $80 to 250 dollars that's sound quality there

I very much do assume that these will sounds nothing like apples also wanted to see how strong the magnet is inside of the cases so if I try and fling them out oh wow it's actually really strong and will they fit each other's cases so this is a fake one it does fit into the original and vice versa so a little bit loose which hmm and it does close there it is the design really is one-to-one in terms of size but they're using different technologies for the actual sound and charging still is impressive that they were able to reproduce it in such a small little form factor okay so let's get to connecting and sound quality now I'm genuinely impressed that they were able to get this menu and spoof it from what I understand it's a Mac ID spoofing they're not actually cloning the h chip but it still works and it's incredibly fast so that's apples original we're not getting the same animations yet but let's go ahead and connect connect iPhone hold the button will hold it on the clones and there it is so it did connect we've got AirPods Pro showing up on our iPhone cloned and part of the listing did mention they will show up over here does show the air prods Pro charging if I pull one out yes it does show up as right that's amazing the integration is sically om okay so with that connected

I want to play some post Malone let's check out that fit and they feel really good like this feels like the OEM one they're the same size they do seal off the ear canal it's somewhat noise cancelling I wouldn't say the same effects and you put in official Airpods Pro there's a seal and pop effect it's really cool until you try it you know you don't really know what I'm talking about but suddenly the world goes silent and this does not have the same effect but it is more noise cancelling than any other air pod clones that I've used so I guess it somewhat has that I highly doubt it's gonna have the integration ya know noise cancellation integration but it does show up as Airpods Pro so about half away it's pretty loud about 75% oh yeah most definitely this does not have the quality of original Airpods let me pop one of the real ones in so

I'm attempting to share audio it detects them but then doesn't actually let me share audio to them they get struggling with that would have been interesting just for my little analysis of listening to them I gotta tell you the sound is not that good I mean it's clearly a downgrade it's 70% of the sound I'd say of the originals maybe 65% you're obviously not getting that noise cancellation and it's pretty clear just no bass there's like almost no bass whatsoever definitely more of a tinny sound and of course you're not getting any of the software features such as transparency mode it also doesn't show up with the little logo in the control center letting you know it's a generic Airpods Pro clone so the software integration could be better but it does work it connects very fast be prepared not to get the same sound as Apple's original there's a very wide margin between those two in terms of sounds but still I'm very stunned that they were able to get this kind of sound and out of such a small package within such a relatively short amount of time so wireless charger is working as pop these see if they have a coil inside and it appears they do not also wanted to test the individual weight of the air pods Apple is five point four grams and clone pod is three point two six so

Wow actually a significant difference between the two it feels lighter now that I saw the specs apples entire package is fifty seven grams almost and this one is thirty seven so twenty grams lighter I'm just picking them up yeah this does feel more solid it's a little dinky little light so clear difference there in terms of quality and before I forget I do want to test the controls for switching music it's not a press the forced press sensor doesn't work so they retain the tap function from the older clones no force press this is all a gimmick here on the side so don't expect that to work and lastly a test

I want to do is testing the electromagnetic interference radiation coming from air pods and metric usually people don't care about but this is something you're putting next to your brain what do you want it to be safe apples air pods are playing and right next to them I'm getting about four volts per meter if

I step away from them it drops to about two so say about four volts little over four volts per meter for point two it was a baseline of about two volts per meter next to the fake oh wow six volts per meter near the fake Airpods pro so definitely over five five point five that's insane so you're getting way more electromagnetic radiation coming from fake Airpods versus originals I don't know how harmful this is but that's two volts per meter more than apples if anyone knows more about this leave a comment but that's kind of scary Bluetooth 5.0 and apples versus whatever Bluetooth this is about 30 feet it's still holding strong 40 feet 50 feet still good straight line of sight I'm able to get a strong connection on both even at 100 feet passes the range test yes these look like Airpods Pro they connect to your iPhone like Airpods Pro but they do not have any of the features that make Airpods Pro amazing nor the sound quality so $80 200 depending on where you buy them from are they worth it I don't know you really have to want to flex on somebody to spend this kind of money I mean I'd rather just save up and get the full amounts it's just not worth it compared to apples maybe if the price comes down to like $50 sure but at 80 plus I don't I can't justify that price tag even though it's a very good clone of apples I'd still of course go for apples any day well keep an eye out for any better versions of this otherwise

AirPods Pro Review

I've never been able to use AirPods for two reasons, (electronic music) first, they're one-size fits most design just doesn't work with my ears. And I know I'm not alone, and two, they've got an open design that just lets in so much outside noise. I don't know how people deal with that on trains or city streets. But now, with the 249$ AirPods Pro, Apple has addressed both of those points and gone even further. For the first time, they've got active noise cancellation.

I guess that's what makes them Pro. These sound like the AirPods I've been waiting for, and maybe you have too. There's a lot that's new here, so let's start with the case. Now it opens on the longer end, it's a little bit bigger than before, but still fits in your pants pockets just fine. And it also still supports wireless charging, so you can plop the Pro's down onto a charger at night with your iPhone when you're ready for bed. More importantly, Apple's changing the way the new AirPod'S actually go into your ears. The old ones are hard plastic, and they just kinda go in and sit there. For a lot of folks, that's fine, they stay in place. But I'm someone who can't get them to stay put no matter what I do.

The new ones have silicone tips and an in the ear design, and they stay put so much better. Now, some people don't like how in-earbuds feel, because they create the sense of pressure, almost like you're underwater or something. This happens because there's air getting trapped in your ear because of that silicone seal. So for the AirPods, Apple came up with a really clever solution, there's a vent on the outside that equalizes the pressure on the outside and inside so that discomfort of hearing your own voice too loudly, that's not a thing with these. Apple also designed the Pro so that the hard plastic doesn't really touch your ear very much, and that also prevents soreness. Okay, so three sizes of silicone tips come in the box with the AirPods.

Well, how do you know which one to pick? You can run this test in the setting's menu to make sure the ones you've chosen produce a good seal for the best possible sound quality. You're gonna hear a few seconds of music, and in inside facing microphone analyzes the sound in your ear canal as you're hearing it, and it compares that back to the original audio. If there's too much of a difference, the ear buds might be loose, and you're told to try another size. Apple says some people might end up with different sizes in each one of their ears, and that's okay, as long as there's any seal at all the test comes back green, and you're good to go. So when I took the test, I got good results for both the medium and large sized ear tips. Choosing one really depends on comfort, and how tightly it stays in your ear. Pulling off those ear tips actually takes a bit of effort, and they snap back on a little quiet click, so you know they're on there good and tight. If you lose them, Apple sells replacements in their store for about four bucks.

The old AirPods used a series of taps on the side to skip tracks or bring up Siri, but now there's a new force sensor, it's this little indent on both stems that you squeeze to do things. A fast squeeze will play and pause tracks or answer phone calls, a double squeeze skips to the next song, and a triple goes back, but there's still no way to control volume with the earbuds themselves. You've gotta pull out your phone or have Siri do it, which is often just an awkward guess. And squeezing the stem does take a little bit more effort than tapping did. I would have liked having the choice of either one. Squeezing and holding the force sensor switches you between active noise cancellation and transparency mode which amplifies outside audio in a natural way so you can hear traffic or flight announcements, or order a coffee without yelling at the barista.

You can have transparency mode on whenever you want, so if you liked how the old AirPods kept you aware of your surroundings on a run outside, you can get that same experience here. But the big sell is noise cancellation, and there are several ways to turn it on. You can do it with the sensor, you can do it in control center, or you can just tell Siri to turn ANC on or off. Apple's noise canceling system uses a pair of microphones, one outside and one in. The outside mic takes a reading of all the sound around you, and then blocks that out with anti-noise. And the inside mic, meanwhile, listens for whatever does come through and tries to cancel that out too. Apple says the AirPods Pro can adjust their sound signal at  times 15 per second to adapt for the shape of your ears. Now, I can't verify that number, but I can tell you that this noise cancellation is legit. It'll quiet down city streets and your office. If you turn down the volume, you can hear some of what's going on, these aren't over-ear noise canceling headphones like those from Sony or Bose. On a plane you can't beat those, but everywhere else, I'm really impressed by what these AirPods can do.

Now, beyond noise cancellation, you're probably wondering how the Pro AirPods sound. And the answer is good, very good, and way better than the previous AirPods ever did. They're balanced, they're neutral, and the ear tips seal results in a big improvement to base, which is right where I want it to be on these earbuds. The Pros have all new drivers, Apple won't say how big they are, and there's this feature called adaptive EQ that runs whenever you've got noise cancellation on. That inside mic listens to how the music sounds to your ears and adjusts the low end and mids to make everything sound more full. Turning off noise cancellation also disables adaptive EQ. And you can tell a difference.

Now, there are headphones that offer more deeper base, like the Powerbeats Pro, or the Echo buds from Amazon, and others. If that's your style, these might not work, but I think a lot of people are gonna be very happy and more than satisfied by how the AirPods Pro sound. These are not audiophile headphones, they never have been, but they're fun, and they're well suited for everything from Taylor Swift to Miles Davis. (funky music) So the AirPods have this reputation as the best earbuds for making voice calls with, and that makes total sense, the stems put the microphone closer to your mouth, and a lot of earbuds don't have that. But for the new AirPods Pro, Apple made that stem a little bit shorter. So my question is, are these still the best way to make voice calls on the go? I called Becca to see how they sound. - Just waitin' for my friend Chris to call me. (phone ringing) - Hey Becca, I'm calling you from the AirPods Pro, or the AirPod Pros, or whatever we're supposed to call them, but we're inside a soundproofed room, noise isolated, so it couldn't get much better for testing earbuds in this situation, but how do they sound? And this is me back on my iPhone 11 Pro.

Now, there's no beating a phone, and now again, from the quiet room, I'm using the second generation AirPods, which, again, people loved for their voice quality. And just as a wildcard, I'm also testing the new Echo buds from Amazon, which are only 249$, and also have pretty decent microphones. But the real test is calling someone outside on city streets, trying to overcome all this noise. The old AirPods did really well in this regard, and you're hearing the AirPods Pro right now. And here I am on a second gen AirPods, where again, those stems reach a little bit closer to your mouth, and does that make a difference? And here's the iPhone11  Pro again, of course the phone still reigns supreme, but the AirPods sound pretty good for what they are. Stepping away from Apple for a second, here's what the Echo buds sound like when you're outside.

They're picking up my voice pretty well, it's taking some time, but the competition is catching up to Apple, and these cost a lot less than the AirPods Pro. So apple says battery life on the AirPods Pro is good for 5.9 hours of continuous playback, with the noise canceling on. That's pretty close to the standard AirPods five hours, and you get that here too if you turn off noise cancellation. But that battery is nowhere near the Powerbeats Pro, which can last nine hours on a single charge, albeit, they don't do noise cancellation. Now, the saving grace with AirPods, just like always, is the case, which holds enough juice for  hours of total listening time. So having heard all that, you're probably thinking, Apple did it, these are the perfect AirPods. Not quite. See, much like iOS 13,0 these can be buggy. Sometimes the force sensor just stops working briefly from time to time, and changing modes in control center doesn't always do what it should.

Now, Nilay is also testing the AirPods Pro, and he's had his noise cancellation just shut off randomly until he turns them off and on again. Now, these are minor issues, and they don't happen very often, I fully expect Apple's gonna fix them through iOS or AirPod firmware updates, but you're paying 249$ for these earbuds, and any bugs are kind of disappointing. And second, you can change devices really fast from your iPad to your iPhone to your Mac, but you can't pair to more than one device at a time. Other earbuds can do that, and I'd love to see the AirPods do it as well. Here's the thing about the AirPods though, so much about their appeal is tied to Apple's ecosystem. So if you have an Android phone, you lose out on a lot. You give up the instant pairing by holding them close to your phone, and you lose out on the ability to configure what the touch controls do, and so on, and so on. Noise cancellation still works on Android, and the sound quality remains the same, which is good, but it's still not the ideal experience, so you might be better off with the Echo buds, Sony's, Samsung's Galaxy buds, or even the Powerbeats Pro for that battery life they have.

Then there's the environment situation. If you use your AirPods a lot, the battery inside is gonna last two years, three max. This is a problem for the entire category of true wireless earbuds. None of them are what you'd call repairable. Maybe you're okay spending 249$ with the knowledge that these things have a shelf life, and you'll have to upgrade in a few years, but what happens then? I've asked Apple about this, and the company says it tries to recycle as much as it possibly can of every earbud. No one wants to see these things wind up in the garbage or landfills, so when the time comes, be sure to take your AirPods to the Apple store, or some other place that can responsibly recycle them so that doesn't happen. They're a great product, but be cool to the earth. So should you get the AirPods Pro? If you've got an iPhone, you somehow don't have AirPods yet, and you're ready to upgrade, and you're not turned off by their high cost, absolutely.

They finally fit my ears, and hopefully they'll fit yours too. The noise cancellation really works, and the sound quality is a big improvement compared to previous models. We've come to accept these white stems hanging out of our ears as normal. The AirPod Pros, the AirPods Pro, are the best reason to do that yet. They feel like a next generation product. They're not perfect, but they're inching very close. 
The Xiaomi Mi 9 SE in photographs:
it's showcasing in France is visualized - MWC 2019 

Xiaomi not just declared the Mi 9 & Mi Mix 3 5G, they additionally disclosed the Mi 9 SE. We could approach him and we discussed it with Xiaomi.

"SE" does not necessarily mean lightened at Xiaomi, this Mi 9 SE is more like the Galaxy S10e for the Galaxy S10. Its format is more compact and features less interesting than those of the Mi 9, but it is nonetheless interesting because of its low price.

The big difference with the Mi 9 is the presence of the Snapdragon 712 instead of the Snapdragon 855. It is a variant of the Snapdragon 710, the expected performance will be below the Mi 9. It could be expected.

It takes the three cameras at the back with the 48-megapixel sensor, the ultra-wide edge and a 8-megapixel fax zoom. The battery limit is 3,070 mAh and the most extreme charge is 18 W. Its charging rate will in this way not achieve that of the Mi 9: it tends to be evaluated at 1 hour 30 minutes the total charge against 1 hour for the Mi 9. 

Its 5.94-inch screen is in FHD + definition (2,340 x 1,080 pixels), and it cheerfully profits by Samsung's AMOLED innovation. At its little cost, it is a fascinating component that will face the Galaxy A50. The tear molded score is additionally moderately unpretentious.

That is not all, however. We've had another piece of information about this event for quite a while. XDA Recognized Developer yshalsager, the engineer behind XiaomiFirmwareUpdater, found the presence of a "grus_global" part of MIUI. "Grus" is the codename of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE, and the "worldwide" postfix dependably alludes to the MIUI Global ROM. 

In this way, it's normal to expect the organization is dealing with conveying MIUI 10 Global to the gadget, which implies that Xiaomi may bring this gadget outside of China. The cell phone's cost changes from around 1999 to 2299 Yuan (~262 to 302 Euros) in China, thus we expect that any European dispatch won't vary too altogether from that value run. That may provide us some insight of an estimated European cost of Mi 9 SE in the event that it ever dispatches all inclusive.

Where to buy the Honor 9 Lite at The Best Price? 
The Best Offers !!!

Honor 9 Lite, Honor 9's little brother, has been available on the market since February 7, 2018. You were waiting for a price cut to buy it at the best price? Follow the guide for the best deal possible.

The Honor 9 Lite is positioned as the affordable version of the Honor 9. Available for a year now, it offers a rather pleasant design and incorporates a 5.65-inch screen, with a definition Full HD + and an 18: 9 ratio, which we had enjoyed the display quality. Its SoC Kirin 659 with 3 GB RAM provides sufficient performance for classic use.

It also embeds a dual photo sensor of 13 and 2 megapixels present both in the back to the front that can take good shots, provided you are in good conditions. Its 3000 mAh battery offers a very good autonomy.

For more details, do not hesitate to consult our test. We were pleasantly surprised by its design and display quality.

The Honor 9 Lite boasts a double-sided 2.5D glass, adding to its beauty. Watch movies, play games or shop online - every day will be displayed in high definition on the 14.35 cm (5.65 '') FHD + display. The phone packs up to 13 MP + 2 MP dual-lens rear camera system and PDAF fast focus for picture-perfect photos. Featuring a Kirin 659 octa-core processor, this phone is great for you, and it plays well when you're playing resource-heavy games. Its 3000mAh battery makes it easy for you to have a single charge.

Product Description

Take phone-photography to the next level with the Honor 9 Lite. FHD + display, this smartphone is not only a great way to capture life's best moments, but it's just as easy to see in a picture-perfect clarity.

Face Unlock

The Honor 9 Lite unlocks every day with a face recognition feature. That's not all, it's all about it, thanks to its privacy notification feature.

Where to buy the Honor 9 Lite at the best price?

Amazon  177 €
Rakuten 143 €
Electro Dépôt  149 €
Cdiscount 169 €
Baker  179 €

LG V50 ThinQ: a first 5G Smartphone, And Almost Collapsible

LG took advantage of the MWC 2019 to present its new range of smartphones. Among them, the V50 ThinQ, the first of the brand to be compatible with 5G networks, and with a "foldable" design. More or less.

During the MWC 2019, LG did not introduce that G8 ThinQ, its smartphone with vein detection. The South Korean manufacturer also took the opportunity to present the V50 ThinQ. If the range is accustomed to novelties wacky, it is finally the G8 that has marked the spirits with its scanner veins, but the V50 is not traditional so far.

5G and high end

The LG V50 ThinQ is first and foremost presented as the first 5G smartphone of the brand and therefore serves as a flagship for this technology on all booths of the MWC 2019. As a result, the V50 is the perfect representative of 2019 and its record technique is up to it:

Snapdragon 855
5G Snapdragon X50 Modem
6.4-inch QHD + OLED display
6 GB of RAM
128 GB of storage
Triple APN:
Standard 12 Mpx (F1.5 / 1.4μm / 78˚)
Telephoto 12 Mpx (F2.4 / 1.0μm / 45˚)
Wide angle 16 MP (F1.9 / 1.0μm / 107˚)
Double front camera (8 + 5 Mpx)
Android 9 Pie
Bluetooth 5.0
159.2 x 76.1 x 8.3 mm for 183 g
We also find the usual fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, IP68 certification and fast charging, but also a 32-bit Quad-DAC and compatibility DTS: X 3D Surround, a specialty of LG.

A hinged accessory
But one of the biggest features of the LG V50 ThinQ, it is ultimately not the smartphone itself, but its accessory that serves as a second screen. Like Asus on the ROG Phone, LG is launching a protective shell with a 6.1-inch FHD + screen for a wider gaming area.

This accessory is indeed oriented towards the middle of gaming with the ability to display more touch controls and thus simulate a gamepad a little larger. While Samsung and Huawei have not hesitated to draw their foldable smartphones (the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X), LG offers here an alternative, but reminiscent of the much disappointing ZTE Axon M.

Price and release date of the LG V50 ThinQ are not yet known, but we imagine that it will not be available in France.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented before the MWC 2019 for fear of Huawei

Samsung is now afraid of Huawei. The manufacturer would have decided to present its Samsung Galaxy S10 one week before the MWC 2019, so as to avoid the shadow that would make him the collapsible smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer.

Update (4:22 pm): Samsung has at long last affirmed the date of introduction of its future Galaxy S10. It will happen before the CES on February 20 to be exact. 

Samsung has not had an extraordinary year 2018. Unexpectedly: its outcomes have fallen, the blame of Chinese contenders perpetually forceful. 

The first of them is none other than Huawei, which shot with the P20 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro stole the show in its Galaxy S9 and Note 9. For 2019, the Korean maker would be prepared. 

The Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S10 would be progressed 

As per another report from the Korean paper The Korea Herald, revealed by Phone Arena, Samsung has chosen to propel its occasion The Unpacked declaring its future Galaxy S10. It will happen seven days before Mobile World Congress 2019, presumably between February eighteenth and 21st. 

The reason set forward would be that the manufacturer fears that Huawei will obscure it once more. It appears that the Chinese brand has intended to introduce its first collapsible cell phone at the Barcelona appear, with the goal that it would be a colossal shadow to its rivals by unadulterated declaration impact. 

Not any more nodding off 

This report is clearly to take with a great deal of tweezers, yet does not appear similarly as capillotracté. In 2019, Samsung should now be modest, its position number one in the versatile market is never again as immovably moored as previously. 

No all the more laying on its shrubs and disregarding its rivals. For this situation, if this methodology is demonstrated, it would enable him to ensure a frontal and reasonable duel with the adversary whose Samsung can never again overlook the strikes. 

With respect to collapsible cell phones, Samsung affirmed at CES 2019 that its Galaxy F was prepared to go into generation and would turn out amid the principal half of 2019. This is another new field that it should battle, however its lead should give it a specific favorable position.

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Oppo's x10 zoom: the first smartphone equipped soon - MWC 2019

Oppo has already organized a conference just before the start of the MWC 2019. The manufacturer was able to unveil that its solution lossless x10 zoom will arrive on the smartphone market in the second quarter.

For a few weeks now, Oppo has been highlighting its clever triple photo sensor for smartphones to achieve a lossless x10 zoom. Where this technology is impressive is that thanks to a periscope system, the photo module is only very thick and almost does not exceed the smartphone.

Upstream of the MWC 2019, Oppo had shared a video demonstrating its technology and we could indeed see how the zoom x10 allowed to admire small details on the facade of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

However, this Saturday, February 23, the Chinese company held a press conference in the Catalan capital, just before the kickoff of the Mobile World Congress. Oppo took the opportunity to talk more about its X10 zoom.

The opportunity to remember that the triple camera proudly unveiled is composed of a 48-megapixel main sensor, an ultra-wide angle (120 degrees) and a telephoto lens. With these three cameras, Oppo promises to enjoy a focal length of 16-160mm.

Available Soon !!!

This famous triple photo sensor at x10 zoom can already be mass produced, says Oppo. The manufacturer takes the opportunity to also slip that this technology will arrive on the market in the second quarter of 2019.It remains to be seen what will be the smartphone that will benefit. In this respect, the brand remained very discreet and contented itself with displaying a simple darkened silhouette of a phone whose identity remains secret for the moment.


Android Oreo is the 8th version of the Android system. This update was named Android O, until the announcement of the final version on Monday, August 21, 2017.
Among the main novelties of Android 8.0, we notice the arrival of the picture-in-picture which resumes the same functioning as on Android TV, a management of the notification by typology, a management of the multi-task better managed, as well as a faster system startup than Android.

Android 8.0 update Oreo: The list of compatible Smartphones And Tablets

Android O is already available on some Google devices and manufacturers are starting to announce which devices will be updated. Here is a list of smartphones and tablets that are or will be compatible with Android O.

Officialized in March 2017, the Android 8.0 Oreo version is available from the first day in Developer Preview. This update brings new aesthetic as well as some features like the picture-in-picture, or the management of codes received by SMS. August 21, 2017, Google has officialized the name, it will be: Android 8.0 Oreo.

The final update is available, AOSP is up to date, the builders have started to announce the devices that will be updated. Here is the list! Note however that only the terminals confirmed by the manufacturers are mentioned here. This does not mean that those who do not appear in this table will not be updated, just that the manufacturer in question has not yet communicated on it.

All devices

Devices Updated to Android O


Asus Zenfone 3 (full range) ZE552KL Updated
Asus Zenfone 4 (full range) Available by mid 2018 with ZenUI 4.0

Asus Zenfone 4 Max Android 8.1 available


KeyOne Scheduled Update
Essential Phone Android 8.1 available


Nexus 5X Android 8.1 available
Nexus 6P Android 8.1 available
Nexus Player Android 8.1 available
Pixel C Android 8.1 available
Pixel Android 8.1 available
Pixel XL Android 8.1 available


Honor 9 Update available (February 2018)
Honor 8 Pro Update available (February 2018)
Honor 8 Beta underway in China
Honor 7X Update available (May 2018)
Honor 6X Beta underway in China
Honor V9 Deployment in China


HTC 10 Update available (January 2018)
HTC U11 Update available (November 2018)
HTC U11 Life Update available (December 2018)
HTC U Ultra Update available (April 2018)


Mate 9 Update Available
P10 / P10 Plus Update Available
P9 / P9 Plus Beta underway in China
Mate 8 Beta underway in China
Nova 2 / Nova 2 Plus Update Available
P10 Lite Beta in progress
P8 Lite 2017 Update Available

Lenovo Motorola

Moto Z / Z Droid Updated (Fall 2017)
Moto Z Force Updated (Fall 2017)
Z Play Moto / Z Play Droid Updated (Fall 2017)
Moto Z2 Play Updated (Fall 2017)
Moto Z2 Force Updated (Fall 2017)
Moto X4 Android 8.1 Oreo deployed on the Android One version.
Moto G4 Plus Update Available
Moto G5 Android 8.1 available
Moto G5 Plus Android 8.1 Available
Moto G5s Android 8.1 Available
Moto G5s Plus Android 8.1 Available


LG G6 Update Available
LG V30 Update available (December 2017)


Nokia 2 Update available (beta 8.1 in progress)
Nokia 3 Update Available
Nokia 5 Update Available
Nokia 6 Update Available
Nokia 6.1 or 6 (2018) Update Available
Nokia 7 Update Available
Nokia 8 Current update (November 27)


OnePlus 3 Android 8.1 scheduled for mid-2018
OnePlus 3T Android 8.1 scheduled for mid-2018
OnePlus 5 Android 8.1 available
OnePlus 5T Android 8.1 available
Razer Phone Android 8.1 available

Galaxy A8 / A8 + (2018) Update in Russia
Galaxy J7 2018 Update Available
Galaxy Note 8 Update available (January 2018)
Galaxy S6 End of life
Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Update Available
Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Update Available


Xperia Touch Update Available
Xperia X Update Available
Xperia X Compact Update Available
Xperia X Performance Update available (November 2017)
Xperia XA1 Update Available
Xperia XA1 Plus Update Available
Xperia XA1 Ultra Update Available
Xperia XZ Update available (November 2017)
Xperia XZs Update available (November 2017)
Xperia XZ Premium Update available (October 2017)


Mi A1 Update available
Mi Mix Update available
Mi Mix 2 Update Available
Mi 5 Update Available
Mid 5s / 5s Plus Update Available
Mi 6 Update Available
Mi Note 2 Update available
Mi Note 3 Update Available


Axon 7 Update Available

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to receive Android 9.0 Pie and One UI

After the Galaxy S8 and S8 + yesterday, it is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to receive the update Android 9.0 Pie. This one is being deployed, and brings with it the One UI interface.
What, are you too busy drooling on the new Galaxy S10 and S10 +? We understand you, but that does not mean that you should abandon your Samsung smartphones of previous generations.
The manufacturer continues to deploy Android 9.0 Pie and its new One UI interface. After the Galaxy S8 and S8 + yesterday, the Galaxy Note 8 to be able to enjoy today, joining the list of terminals chewed in the last candy Google.

Android 9.0 Pie update deployed on Galaxy Note 8

Alexis from our Facebook community warns us that the deployment of the Android 9.0 Pie update on the Galaxy Note 8 has started. The update weighs a good 1.9 GB: allow a little time to download and install.

The real star of the show is obviously the new UI interface that has conquered Omar on the Galaxy Note 9. Among its many new features, we particularly note the availability of a dark theme for the entire interface. But that's not all .

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